Couture Fashion Week New York, Spring 2016

Fashion Show 8

This September I had the pleasure of attending Couture Fashion Week New York , in New York City. The show was fantastic, I really enjoyed the experience (and front row seats!). The show featured two prominent international couture designers, whose gowns have been worn by beauty pageant contestants around the world. The first collection was designed by renowned Dominican designer Lourdes Atencio. Overall, her Spring 2016 collection was fun and romantic. While the first few looks did not impress me, the collection improved for me as the show went on. Many of her pieces had a vintage vibe, and some evoked the 60s and 70s. I would have liked to see more of that since I love those eras. Some gowns also had a metallic fabric that looked like “liquid satin”,  which captured the light on the runway in an interesting way. While I liked many of the designs individually, I thought the collection could have been more cohesive.

Fashion Show 6
This was the opening design. I love crop top and skirt sets, and I like green, however I did not love this combination.

Fashion Show 16
Fashion Show 15
Some of my favorite looks from the Lourdes Atencio Spring 2016 show.
Fashion Show 10
I really like these, gowns especially the pink one. It has a romantic vintage vibe and I love the hair and makeup on the model.

The second collection was by award-winning designer Jorge Diep. Jorge Diep, who was born in the Dominican Republic,  moved to Mexico at a young age to study fashion design. He then worked with many famous designers in Italy and Spain. He has become famous for the gowns he designs for pageants, such as Miss World and Miss Universe.   Many Latin American celebrities also wear his designs. (source: I loved this collection, it was cohesive,  and many of the looks were sexy and elegant at the same time.  Below are some of my favorite looks from the runway.




In addition to the fabulous evening wear, during the show we also enjoyed musical performances by singer Vanessa Cruz, Saxophonist Karla Sax and a new boy band from Dominican Republic called Karma.

Fashion Show 1
Puerto Rican Singer Vanessa Cruz sang a few of her hit songs during the Lourdes Atencio show.
Fashion Show 2
Saxophonist Karla Sax performed live on the runway

Additional Information:

website: http://www.couturefashion week.

To attend, you can purchase tickets on the Couture Fashion Week Website.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased my own ticket.

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