Emma Winston Floating Jewelry and Giveaway!

Hi lovely readers! I hope all is well with you! Today I’m taking a break from my skincare reviews to introduce you to some beautiful jewelry. I love accessorizing, and wearing the right jewelry can really help showcase your outfit. Also, I personally find trying on and choosing the right jewelry to be a lot fun!

I recently partnered with jewelry designer Emma Winston to review her Floating Jewelry and to bring you a special discount which you can redeem on the Emma Winston Floating Earring Boutique (see discount code at the end of the post)! In addition to that, you can also participate in a special giveaway by clicking on this link  https://promosimple.com/ps/8401.

As described on the Emma Winston Floating Earring Boutique website, “New York-based designer Emma Winston founded her collection with a commitment to creating designer jewelry at affordable prices while remaining focused on quality and craftsmanship” (http://emmawinston.com/pages/about-us). I could not agree more with this description. This jewelry is high quality, yet affordable and each design is unique.

Emma WInston 3

The earrings that I am reviewing today are the Rain Drop Earring Jackets. They are  14K Rose Gold over Sterling Silver earrings with cubic zirconia pavé.

Emma Winston

As you can see from the picture above, they are composed of two parts: the earring jacket and the studs. One of the fun things about the Emma Winston Floating earrings is that you can separate the stud from the jacket and use one from your own jewelry collection  to mix it up!

Emma Winston 1

The earring jacket also creates the illusion that drops are floating around your lobes. The Rain Drop Earring Jackets are part of the Hudson Collection, which was inspired by the Hudson River that flows into New York Harbor (as stated on http://www.emmawinston.com).

In addition to the design featured here, there are many different elegant designs to choose from. If you would like to visit the Emma Winston Floating Earring Boutique to purchase your own pair of floating earrings,  go to http://www.emmawinston.com . To receive a 15% discount , enter code AUDIENCE15OFF at checkout.

Stay Chic!

This is a sponsored post.

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