Purple Dream or Midnight Magic?

After taking a break from blogging for a few days, I decided to continue with my series of eye shadow looks from the Stila eye shadow palette and lookbook In the Moment. Also, I will be a guest at a friend’s wedding in a few days, so I thought I could experiment a bit and choose a look for the event. The first look I tried is called Purple Dream.

Using eyeshadows from the Stila eye shadow palette, follow these directions:

  1. Apply Instinct from lash line to brow
  2. Apply Impulse to lid
  3. Apply Glance along the crease and blend
  4. Wet brush and apply glance to the lower lash line.


The pictures above illustrate the final product. I did make one change; I added the eye liner in tetra to the upper lash line. Since I’m going to do an evening look for the wedding, I thought adding the eye liner would give my eyes more shape and help make them look larger. Overall, I was happy with how the look came out. It’s very purple, which is my favorite color, and it has a smokey eye look, without being over-the-top. However, I haven’t decided yet if it’s the winning look for my event.

The last picture is a little different, since I decided to experiment by adding Improvise –which is very a propos since I was, in fact, improvising- pun intended. Without realizing it, by adding this new color I created my own version of  Look 4 Midnight Magic. It made the look darker, which might be better for evening, but I didn’t see a major difference between the two.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Stila eye shadow looks  and to find out which look I chose…


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