Foundation or CC Cream? That is the question

For the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with different types of makeup. I always look for something that’s affordable, moisturizing and that evens out my skin tone. I’ve tried them all: mineral powder (too dry for my skin), regular foundation (I still use it, just not every day), BB Cream and now CC Cream. So far, CC cream is my favorite makeup for my everyday wear (although I really liked a BB Cream that my sister had brought me back from a trip to Japan- it’s called Dr Ci-labo, but I’ve only been able to find it online and it’s expensive).  Recently I’ve been reading a lot about organic foundation, so I decided to give it a try. Juice Beauty has become a popular organic brand and it was on sale, so I bought the Perfecting Foundation with acai and goji berries. Unfortunately I was very disappointed. As someone with dry skin, I found it to be too dry for me, and difficult to apply (I tried with both a makeup sponge and just my hands). I couldn’t continue wearing it, but since I couldn’t make a trip to Sephora to buy my usual CC Cream, I picked up a Physicians Formula Youthful Wear CC Cream from the local drug store. This one turned really nice, the color was a good match to my skintone (light/medium) and it was moisturizing (and very affordable- under $20). I think I’ll go back to the Sephora CC Cream after I finish this one, but the PF one was definitely a good find.

What’s your favorite makeup?

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